Supination And Some Related Facts!

Supination is a term related to your walking and running mechanisms. It is nothing but the outward rolling motion of your feet thereby concentrating the entire weight of your body on the outside of your foot. Supination may affect your posture and cause issues to various parts of your body. The adverse effects of supination can be controlled by carefully selecting your footwear. Check out some best brand of running shoes for supination here! Let us see what the causes of supination are and how it can be dealt with the right footwear.

Pronation vs. Supination When you take a step while walking, you usually land on your heel. That is the weight of your body shifts toward the middle portion of your foot. When this happens, your foot naturally pronates (rolls inwards), and the regular arch of your foot flattens a bit to absorb the force of your body weight. After that, as you prepare to start your next step your foot rolls outward which is nothing but supination. Another common term for supination is under pronation.

According to www.webmd.com, pronation is a very normal mechanism, but overpronation and underpronation are both troublesome and can be stressful to your feet and sometimes your whole body!

Causes of supination A number of factors act as the reasons for supination; · High foot arches · Tight Achilles tendons · Improper hip rotation, · Wearing shoes which do not support the arch. · Prolonged use of very tight and rigid shoes · A prior injury to your foot

Supination- outcomes! Feet are the foundation of one’s body. So, any problem with your feet can misalign your whole body. An extremely supinated foot would not be able to adapt to the walking surface which implies that the bones and muscles in the surrounding area have to work harder than usual to maintain your correct posture. This extra work, over a long period, would lead to stress in various parts of your body. The calves, knees, hips, and the back are the most affected areas. Prolonged stress most often leads to injuries also.

Supination may also affect your posture severely and cause plantar fasciitis which is the inflammation of plantar fascia which is a tissue band or ligament that connects your heel bone and toes.

Supination treatment with supportive shoes A pair of supportive and comfortable shoes is the best way to treat supination. The arch support of the shoes should be compatible with your foot, which is it should be neither too high nor too low. Be careful with this as the shoes that have very high arches may worsen a supination issue.

In addition to checking whether the shoes are supportive in the heel and the arch, you must also make sure that the shoes are flexible and lightweight. Flexible shoes have the ability to adapt to various terrain, and thus they help the natural transition of your body between pronation and supination.

Excessive wear and tear on the outer edge of your shoes is an indication of supination. In such cases, find the right kind of shoes and get your problem fixed!