How To Choose A Panel Beater

If you have met with a car accident the most important thing after ensuring everyone involved in the accident is safe is getting your car fixed. Reliable panel beaters Perth is essential to get your car back on the road. Many things need to be considered while selecting a panel beater that is perfect for you says experts at www.autozone.com.

Mostly these days many car insurance companies list a car repairer from whom they prefer you get your car repaired. Though insurance companies prefer it, it is in your interest that you choose a repairer of your choice. It can be because the repairer is close to your house or is a specialist for the type of car you own, exercise your right to choose your car repaired.
The checklist mentioned below will help you get the most experienced and skilled panel beaters.

Reputation: It is always best to enquire about the reputation of the place you plan to drop your car for repair. Look for a place which has been around for a few years at least and has happy and loyal customers. With every company owning a website, look for reviews or feedbacks from customers also check their social profiles. Next thing to check is if the shop has been certified by the car brand and insurance companies for repair else you might have to go around for approval of insurance claim. The shop also should have all the modern equipment and professional staff that is needed to fix your car quickly and efficiently

Parts are genuine and have warranty: The repair quality of the panel beater is of utmost importance while considering. The panel beater should always use genuine parts procured from the manufacturer. Though the use of non-genuine parts brings the cost of repair down, there is no guarantee on the quality of the part and hence may need frequent maintenance. The shop should also provide a guarantee for the parts they fixed along with the repair they have performed. A good panel beater will give a guarantee for the repair and warranty for the parts.

Timelines for repair: A good panel beater will provide an accurate timeline of how long it will take for the car to be fixed and sticks to it. While looking for reviews from customers on panel beaters specifically look for this aspect, as they may take their sweet time to fix your car. As you can’t put all your daily routine work like going to the office or picking up groceries on hold, it is important that the panel beater returns your car in the time promised.

Courtesy car: Most excellent panel beaters provide a temporary car free of charge for your use till the time your car is fixed. Before you choose a panel beater to make sure to include this aspect in your checklist.

Quotation: A reputed panel beater before starting work on your car will provide a detailed quote which includes the cost of parts, labor and all other expenses. Try to get a few quotations from panel beaters before you settle on anyone.